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Faithful Living

Daily Telegram Articles by Joe Wagley

Fondly remembering an old tradition in May…

Getting ready for work on Tuesday, May 1st got me thinking about a long held early childhood tradition of formally celebrating the arrival of Spring.

This particular day harkened back to the fun we had as siblings growing up on Scott Street. In the flash of a moment, I reminisced about the excitement that me and my siblings had [with Mom’s help] in crafting our treasured May Baskets for area neighbors.

Just the thought of it brought back lots of memories.

Often before I head to the office, I will record my daily cell phone message. In leaving the message on my cell phone this particular morning, I almost said as a tag, “Happy May Basket Day!” But I didn’t.

As I arrived to work, I heard the ladies and David Munson talking on the second level of our office. His voice is distinctive. I topped the stairs and said good morning. Slightly embarrassed, I asked if I had missed a meeting. They said no and Becky said, “Look what David brought us!”  “A May Basket!” I couldn’t believe it! It was handed to me and I excitedly peered inside. I felt like a kid again. David said that his wife Stacey was behind this thoughtful gift. We were so grateful for their kindness in thinking of us on this special day.

My goodness, chocolate dipped pretzels, nuts, popcorn, etc…the works! How timely and amazing this gift was. It spoke volumes to us…especially to me.

Years back, Mother would help us put together the baskets with handles out of colored construction paper. Sometimes we would decorate the baskets. Generally, we would place forsythia, lilacs, lily of the valley and sometimes tulips along with popcorn, jelly beans and other assortments in the bottom. And the cool part; we would sneak up to area neighbors front doors, hang the basket on the door handle, ring the door bell and RUN! away to hide. Watching our neighbors come to the door and look around…then find the May Basket hanging from the door knob was great. Just seeing their faces when they saw the basket was the icing on the cake. They would smile and often say, “Thank you!” It was pure joy to surprise our neighbors in this way.

So, David and Stacey helped me to visualize and embrace these precious memories again. It was a refreshing acknowledgement, a gesture of renewal and of friendship. Truly, this is what Spring is all about.

In describing what went down that morning 11 days ago, I remembered the word serendipitous. I have heard this term used over the last few months several times. I looked up the definition—Occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Then I thought a bit more about it.

Nothing happens by chance. Everything is orchestrated and brought about by our Creator.

He is the Author and Architect of every creature, human being and circumstance. Nothing happens without His knowledge or His oversight.

The events of that morning were entirely the work of our spectacular God. He was the One who made the thoughts and sequence fall exactly the way they did.

No job to big, no detail too small. They are all the result of our God working ALL things to bring Him glory.

As we go about our days, let’s continue to ponder on how intricately God is involved in our lives and how He brings things to our attention so we can praise and be in awe of Him all the more.

To God be the glory, forever and ever!