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Aug 2017 – Meeting God in His Creation

Meeting God in His Creation

Sometimes when we travel, I get up early and spend time with God.

It’s like God internally sets the alarm and I awake as quietly as I can in the dark and head out to rendezvous with my Creator.

When we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I hiked up a mountain that overlooked our motel and the city to watch the sunrise over the valley. The next morning, our oldest daughter, Jess, and I crossed the fast rushing creek and went up to experience the magnificent morning light display together.

I remember in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, one Sunday morning I walked up from our cabin and around a corner to find a woodland turkey in the middle of the road. As I approached, she stood up. Her chicks were sheltered beneath her wings. She ushered them off the road as I went by. God reminded me that she protected her little ones as He protects us. On the way back to the cabin, a black bear crossed 50 paces in front of me. I always pray that I will encounter animals. God never disappoints!

Several mornings at my sister’s cabin on the South Branch of the Pierre Marquette, I have walked out to the paved road. Oftentimes, deer will pass across the two-track or I hear other animals moving near me. The birds and everyone rejoice together in the goodness of the Lord!

One morning after I walked, I suited up and went into the water to fish. I love the connectedness I feel in God’s presence.

One morning in West Yellowstone, God wanted me to see that trash clutters His creation. I picked up trash strewn along the path. There was so much garbage that I was very frustrated that I had nothing to place it in. I’m confident the whole thing was comical to look at! I continued to search and pick up litter. Then I cried out…and lifted my head. Right across the path were two plastic bags. The prayer was answered immediately. God is faithful. The walking stick in my office reminds me of that particular morning.

I remember on 8-8-81 I parked my car along Going-to-the-Sun Road at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. I hiked up and around a mountain hoping to see Rocky Mountain goats and the visitor center. God gave me both and that picture hangs next to my Yellowstone walking stick.

For the last several years, I have spent the entire day alone in the woods on “Opening Day.” Simply marvelous. Many creatures….many blessings!

I have also been up early in Traverse City, paddleboarding in the East Bay when our girls were young, and years later biking along Peninsula Drive and Neahtawanta Road to the point.

I have also ventured out on Mackinaw Island from the Mission Point Resort. I was the only one downtown! I walked west in the middle of Main Street; then up Grand Avenue by the Grand Hotel looping around the golf course on Huron Road. Governor Jennifer Grandholm was heading out of the residence on the bluff for a morning run in the opposite direction. She and I had our heads down and raised them nearly the same time. I blurted out, “Good morning Governor!” We both were startled. She did smile and was gracious.

It is often at these early times while outside in the morning, that I feel closest to God.

Whether you are at home or away from it, maybe you can steal away to spend time with Him as well! Making it a habit will bring you closer to God. I can guarantee it!

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