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August 2018 – Separation Anxiety is Temporary

Separation Anxiety is Temporary

Walking up the steps after working out at the YMCA one morning, I came through the stairway door and noticed one of the staff members holding a little fellow covered in a blanket. She was speaking softly with him as she walked from the reception area down the hall.

He was crying. His face was flushed and covered with tears.

Someone very important dropped him off at daycare and headed off to start their day. At times, it’s tough for little ones to get adjusted to being away from people they love. He expressed his displeasure but this staff person used the utmost care in helping him to calm down.

In thinking of this little man and his desire to be comforted in the presence of his loved one, I pondered the simple fact that we as Christians are at times homesick for Heaven because we want to be reunited once again with Jesus. Christ-followers have always been with Jesus. The Bible says we have been on His mind since before time began.

And, like Jesus when He was dispatched to earth to accomplish His mission in reconciling humanity back to Himself, we alike have been sent with very specific purposes to fulfill while we live on this rock, third from the sun. Occasionally, our hearts ache.

We have a longing and desire to rejoin our Creator … to be where He is.

Because we long for home, our earthly habitation is not the real deal.

Our time here is only a dress rehearsal for what is to come. This innate desire will only be fulfilled when we see Jesus face to face. Earth is not our home. We are only tenants passing through.

Some people believe this life is it. Their lack of faith prohibits them from trying to believe that there is anything beyond living on earth…beyond what they can see and feel and taste and hear. The Bible says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

— 1 Corinthians 2:9 NKJV All of us can think of our favorite places on earth to be. We have been with people, friends, and family in locations that are spectacular and memory-filled. But what awaits us in actually being connected again with our Savior, nothing will compare on earth to what our mind, body, and souls will see, hear, feel and comprehend then. This longing to be with God and His Son is a realization that is getting stronger as I get older.

Sometimes this homesickness cannot be satisfied.

Like the child who outwardly expressed his emotion to be connected with his loved one … so too, we miss family and friends when we are away from them. Like sand through an hourglass, our time is getting shorter before our reunion with Christ.

Whether short or long,

we wait in hopeful anticipation of a glorious experience that will never end. Our faith becoming sight one day is something that encourages me and I hope you as well.

Maybe the longing you feel is God whispering for you to accept that He is the real deal and that Jesus made it possible for you to experience a life-transforming journey this side of heaven and beyond. What is coming my friends is totally outside of human thought or expression.

Say yes to Jesus today and believe that your separation anxiety is only temporary.

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