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Holiday at home

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Holiday at Home

Summer of the staycation

Even though the world seems to have gone mad, the good news is that SUMMER IS NOT CANCELED! Rather, this summer is officially the summer of the staycation.

Because of the time so many of us have already spent at home, it’s become somewhat difficult for home to feel like a place we go to relax. Now that work is from home, school is from home, and home is also now your favorite restaurant, how do you make your home your getaway too?

We’ve made it easy to create a staycation agenda! Set aside a day (or several) on the calendar, make an itinerary, gather the materials, and then spend your staycation having new experiences and making new memories!

Camping experience. Pitch a tent in your own backyard! Break out the sleeping bags, lamps and flashlights. A grill can serve as your campfire for cooking up hot dogs and baked beans and roasting marshmallows.

Bonus points though, if you have a fire pit to gather round for ghost stories. Stay up for some stargazing after “lights out” if they’re visible where you live!

Backyard beach day. Turn your backyard into a beach oasis and spend the whole day relaxing as you would on the sand. First, you must set the scene. For the most authentic beach experience, pack a cooler, throw on your Hawaiian shirt and don’t forget your sunscreen! Grab your oversized beach towel and lawn chair to nap on under the sun.

A pool with oversized floats and a sandbox if you have kids, will make it extra authentic!

Go to the lake. Spend the day at the lake, where you can indulge in a nice cool beverage, go swimming, relax on the shore, rent a boat, or spend your day fishing! You can also stay and watch the sunset to complete your day. Our own Irish Hills area has over 50 lakes, some with public boat launches, swimming areas, hiking and biking trails, and more.

Take hike, walk or bike ride. Fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D can do wonders for you. Lace up your walking shoes, tune up your bike, and just get out there! After being cooped up in the house for so long, the great outdoors might offer some relief.

Local communities have established trails like hiking in Hidden Lake Gardens, Heritage park, or the Kiwanis Trail. If those aren’t accessible to you, you could explore the back roads in one of our local rural farm communities.

 Have a picnic. To start you’ll need to grab a quilt blanket, and your basket! Pack all your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and drinks and have a long lunch or dinner. You can enjoy your backyard or even have it in your living room! Grab a yard game to take along for entertainment.

Film Festival. Do you have a list of movies you’ve been meaning to watch, but just haven’t had the time to? Now you can make a night of it! Have some fun with this!

Make it slumber party with pillows, popcorn, and pajamas. Create a “drive-in” setting with blankets and burgers in the backyard. Or, if you’re binging a movie series, you could even dress as your favorite character and make foods that fit the theme.

Spa day. First, you’ll want to set the mood. You can begin with lighting some candles, grabbing your essential oils and spending a few minutes meditating.  Follow up with a relaxing soak in a hot bath.  Set a soothing atmosphere with some music, have a facial, include a body scrub, self-tan and finish with body lotion.

If you have someone in your household that wants to have a spa day with you, you can do a massage swap and manicures!

 Game time. For some entertainment at home, get out the cards, crossword puzzles, and board games!

If you don’t want to stay inside, take your games outside and get physical! With the right equipment and space, you can play actual games like table tennis, basketball, touch football, and corn hole. But, don’t be afraid to get creative with sack races, trampoline tumbling, outdoor Jenga, DIY obstacle courses, or whatever else you make up.

We hope you enjoyed these staycation ideas. They will hopefully inspire you to make your own list of staycation ideas. All of us here at The Wagley Group, wish you peace of mind during this challenging time in our world. May you find some comfort in your home. And we hope you get to go on vacation as soon as we can all start traveling again.