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How to get the Most for Your Home

Monday, March 25, 2019

New buyers are entering the market, but inventory remains low. Are you considering selling your home? Here at The Wagley Group, we believe the time is now! Each day we encounter buyers who are actively searching for homes in Lenawee County and our current inventory isn’t meeting the demand.

If you’re even remotely entertaining the idea of selling, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about your options and what selling a home could mean for you. Our knowledgeable staff can be reached at 517-265-6000.

As homeowners prepare to become “home sellers,” one question we often get is, “How can I make my home more valuable?” We want to help you get the most for your home. Here are a few tips:

  • You jumped on the turquoise trend and now your favorite color adorns the walls of your home. Although we are sure it’s lovely, when it comes to selling, neutral is better. Give you home a quick splash of paint in those rooms that showcase the bright colors, your buyers will find it more appealing!
  • March is here, it’s time for spring cleaning! Make every surface in your home shine from the hardwood floors to the crown molding, it’s time for some deep cleaning.
  • What does your welcome mat look like? You want to make your buyers feel welcome, ditch the dingy mat and bring in something that will win them over from the first moment they step in the door.
  • Ok, no one really wants to talk about the litter box, but someone must do it, so we will! When showing your home hide the litter box, use air neutralizers, throw some fresh flowers on the counter, and if you really want to win them over bake a batch of cookies prior to your open house/showing. But don’t panic when a potential buyer wants to see your home NOW, if you take the time to keep your home smelling fresh, funky smells won’t be a concern for you!
  • You’ve heard it before; first impressions are key! The same goes for your home, what does your front door look like? Bright doors are all the trend, our personal favorite here at The Wagley Group is a RED DOOR! Throw some fresh paint on your door and make sure that your house numbers aren’t hanging by a thread.
  • Just like the front door, curb appeal is vital! Freshen up the landscaping, pull the weeds, lay out some fresh mulch, and please find a moment to keep the lawn maintained – if you’re not available, we encourage you to hire a company to help you out while your home is on the market. You never know when your future buyer will give your home a drive by, again it’s all about first impressions.
  • Michigan winters wreak havoc on our siding, shutters, shingles, and patios. Pull out the power washer and give it a once over. If you’re not up to it, Lenawee has many reputable companies to assist with this.
  • How long has the basement door been sitting a little crooked on the hinges? It’s time to fix that up! Bring in a handyman to give your home a once over and fix any necessary repairs! Many home-buyers are looking for, “move in ready!”
  • The clutter…. it’s got to go! We get it, after living in your home for many years, you’ve probably collected quite a bit of stuff. First and foremost organize and pitch, seriously, if you haven’t used it in a year… it’s probably time for it to go. Donate your unused/unwanted items to one of Lenawee’s many deserving non-profits. As for the rest of the stuff, a storage unit is always a good temporary option. We aren’t suggesting this to be a permanent fix, just something to get you by while we work to sell your home.

So, we’ve given you some tips; now you’ve got to pull the trigger. The market is still hot, jump in while the water is warm. We have dozens of clients looking to buy homes with no homes on the market to meet their needs. Your house could become their new home! Let’s make it happen, give us a call at The Wagley Group today!

Starting in April we are going to feature a monthly post with SOLD data for homes that closed in the entire state of Michigan. This data is provided by the MLS systems around the state affiliated with the Michigan Association of Realtors. The information will help give out clients a broader perspective of activity across Michigan. Lenawee County data will be included as a line item as well. We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding this valuable statistical platform.