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Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday, December 20, 2018

At The Wagley Group, we LOVE performing random acts of kindness all year round!! These random acts of kindness bring such joy to our lives. In an effort to spread kindness and joy, this year we have started a Wagley Group Christmas Kindness tradition with an Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar leading up to Christmas day, and it has been a huge success. Our clients have been happy, our agents have been happy, we have been happy, and everyone who has been blessed with a little kindness has been happy.




If you haven’t seen our Acts of Kindness Advent posts on social media, here are a few random acts of kindness ideas for December:

Hold the door for someone

Let someone go ahead of you in line

Send cards to loved ones

Take your neighbor’s trash cans up and back

Make someone laugh

Donate supplies to a pet shelter

Donate books to a library

Take toys to a children’s hospital

Take cookies to the Fire Department

Hide Dollar Bills around a Dollar Store

Compliment everyone you see

Hand out gloves and socks to homeless people or at a shelter

These are just a few acts of kindness ideas for you. Be sure to checkout our social media accounts to view all our acts of kindness throughout the month of December (until Christmas)! Spread kindness, friends – it will bring you more joy than you could ever imagine.