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June 2019 – Calling for the Dawn

Calling for the Dawn

I have been awakened on a number of mornings before first light over the past few months to the beautiful melodies of nearby birds. When the windows are closed, the sounds are more muted but nevertheless, they are distinct and specific to their species. I am getting a little better at recognizing what songs belong to which variety of these amazing feathered friends.

This last Wednesday morning as I laid in bed, I listened to a robin. There always has to be someone to start the fanfare and she was it, at least within my earshot. Her cadence was steady and intermittent. She varied the volume, pitch, and length of her chords. It was not very long however when another bird further away [not quite sure what variety] echoed back in refrain. And the dance began…

As the darkness of night began to fade, more and more joined in and before I realized it, the ensemble was in full chorus until the rain began and the music ceased…for just a little while.

Listening to these sweet sounds in the early morning air always seems to be a refreshing way to begin the new day.

Not only do I/we let the privilege of hearing from God’s creatures [if you are able to hear], but also at times, it gives us the sincere pleasure to really take time to wait upon the Lord and listen for His still small voice that continues to reach out to each and every one of us. Spending time with our Lord coupled with the additional bonus of being graced by the wonderful sounds of the morning is indeed a special blessing. As light adds to light, so does the number of birds in chorus praising God yet again, in calling for the dawn.

I have often wondered, “What are these birds communicating to each other and why?” Are they trying to schedule play dates for their young ones with other nearby mothers? Are they sharing where the best mosquitos, grubs, worms and moths are for breakfast? Or, are they trying to share with family and friends that more rain is inevitably coming? These are all possibilities, but I want to infer that there is so much more.

Praise him, all beasts and birds, mice and men,

kings, queens, princes, and princesses,
young men and maidens, children and babes,
old and young alike, everyone everywhere!

Let them all join in with this orchestra of praise.
For the name of the Lord is the only name we raise!
His stunning splendor ascends higher than the heavens.
He anoints his people with strength and authority,
showing his great favor to all his godly lovers,
even to his princely people, Israel,
who are so close to his heart.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! [Psalm 148: 10-14 TPT]

It is absolutely wonderful to me that all creatures including birds are praising the Lord for everything. Their lives, their food, their shelter…everything that they are in the here and now. I believe that they exist to praise the Lord every day.

I think at times, we as humans fall short. And in many cases, we don’t even get it. I know I don’t fully understand what continually praising the Lord would look like, but I thirst for it. How about you? If the cosmic chorus of Psalm 148 is true, it isn’t just for the birds! That mantle rests with every living creature that has breath and that goes for humanity as well.

We can take a lesson and learn from the birds and frankly everything else in Creation.

In all things give thanks and start singing, adding to the balance of what is, whatever your tune might be to the glory of God.

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