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November 2017 – God’s All Inclusive Unlimited Plan

God’s All Inclusive Unlimited Plan

I use my mobile phone a lot, especially since we gave up our home landline long ago because of the unnecessary expense.

Whatever did we do before these hand-held devices?

Recently, however, my phone has been on my mind more than usual due to the fact that in some areas the signal strength is weak, leading to some calls being dropped. This has led me to ponder the absolute fact that we will never be out of range of the signal tower of God. How refreshing is this? Given my spotty mobile phone reception — very!

The bars showing my mobile phone signal strength may wax and wane, but we can tap into the ultimate power of God anywhere because the Holy Spirit is everywhere. Whether you are praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem or walking on top of the Great Wall in China or seeing the murals on the former Berlin Wall in Germany, your signal is always at full strength, even if you don’t have the international calling plan. You can connect with God in a cement bunker, two miles down in a mine shaft, in your living room, your prayer closet, in the far reaches of space, or on your death bed. Hooking up with God always provides the strongest and best signal.

Your phone can have no service connectivity but talking with God ensures an unbroken connection with the signal bars always full, no matter where you are. At times it might feel like God is not there or He is not listening but that doesn’t mean His Bluetooth isn’t always on with the volume set just right in Dispatch Central.

Whether you think He is listening or not, trust me, He has the words you are going to speak and the thoughts you are going to think before you do. He always gets excited when you want to have a conversation with Him.

He loves any kind of relationship-building stuff.

Another awesome feature of God’s plan for us is His storage capacity.

Everybody wants more storage on their device, right? You will never have to fear losing your memory with Him because His storage capacity is limitless. Without any additional fees, you can store all of your memory in His cloud. Interestingly enough, He has all your prayers, pleas, petitions, and praise all filed away together in your account.

He even has all your tears bottled up. The coolest thing is with those who walk with Him, He always forgets the sins but never forgets the love. If you’re considering upgrading your phone to the one that was recently introduced in the market, I ask you to also consider God’s Infinity Generation model, it is the one phone that will never need to be upgraded. Isn’t it good to know that God’s all-inclusive unlimited plan is available to everyone, regardless of whether they have the latest and greatest device or not?

This plan even includes 24/7 customer services you can speak directly to the CEO, COO, CFO, CDO (Chief Distribution Officer), and the COE (Creator of Everything.) God always has time to take our calls, thank goodness. He will

stay on the line for as long as you like (your minutes will never run out and your call will never be dropped, either) and He will never do the eye roll about anything you share … I promise!

God always has us covered.

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