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Christ Followers, it’s time to awake from our slumber…

October, 2022 – Faithful Living ~

First of all, let me express my love and deep appreciation for all of you… certainly to those within the household of faith but most importantly to those who are not. In my prayers and in the prayers of the faithful, we continually bring the people before God’s Throne of Grace.

What follows is for those who acknowledge Christ crucified and for those to whom Jesus will return one day, to claim as His own.

How can we as Christ followers sit on the side lines in silence any longer? The compelling issues of our time and the unraveling of the societal fabric of our nation—and to a greater extent the world, should in every way completely clear the sinuses in order that our mindful fogginess will dissipate, so clarity of truth may re-appear. Ambivalence and apathy, coupled with complacent attitudes is what will utterly destroy us.

I attended recently the annual ‘friend-raising’ event for the Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee at the Christian Family Centre in Adrian, MI. For me, the evening highlighted in a very human way, their mission, their vision and their challenge.

As the program began, everyone heard the song by Sean Feucht entitled, “Imago Dei” [Image of God]. At 4 minutes and 5 seconds, this melody interspersed with powerful lyrics elicited a barrage of emotions in many, including me.

The opening prayer, the remarks from the board chair and director; the courageous testimonial of one individual acknowledging the tremendous help of CPC’s staff and volunteers; the keynote that gave us a higher perspective of the opportunities to serve and the one who boldly challenged us in a call to action. The entire presentation was focused on the heart.

Remarks were also given on the importance of defeating Proposal 3 on the November ballot. This constitutional amendment would make Michigan, under the guise of “reproductive freedom” one of the least restrictive states on abortion at any stage. It would also extend unrestricted rights to children, thus eliminating parental rights.

Would you walk up to someone on the street and discharge a firearm in their face to kill them? No. It is against the law. How about when a little one presents itself at birth, would you blow its head off with a 9MM? No, that would be murder. How about when the crown appears? No? Or maybe it’s easier when the little one remains unseen. Ok, would you then believe it to be personal right? Are any of these scenarios justified in the eyes of the One who created you?

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