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The most important message to be delivered ever!

December, 2022 – Faithful Living ~

The most important message to be delivered ever!

I see God and Jesus speaking with one another. Then God looks in my direction and He summons me. I know this is important. I have been sent on missions before but the way the Great I Am is looking at me, I feel the magnitude of this assignment full well. He lets me know that I have been called for my most important trip yet. Then, El Shaddai lays out the instructions. He explains completely what my responsibilities are and why I have been selected for this duty. I am speechless. Awe and reverence rushes through me at the same time. Jesus smiles, and He too acknowledges the immense importance of these details as well. I am thrilled to make the journey again to Earth. Praise and worship exude from my entire being.

I am honored to share that I have stood, since the beginning, in the presence of God and His only Son, Yeshua. Why? I am not sure. The only thing I can surmise is that Adonai says I am worthy. I know intently that I never want to let Him down. Two other messengers that stand before our Creator are Michelangelo and Raphael. Some call us Archangels. My name is Gabriel, which means God is my strength. This isn’t the first time God has used me to bring greetings to mortals. The Ancient of Days releases me and off I go.

I enter the Earth’s atmosphere with the precise coordinates of Nazareth. Only a few dozen homes in this little village. I immediately appear before a teenage girl who is alone. God told me that He will anoint this one with His very essence. She is beautiful not only from her outward appearance but El Roi says He is more impressed with her inner beauty.

She is startled but I share that she is highly favored in the sight of Elohim and her life is about to be forever changed. She is listening reverently bowing to the dirt floor. I approach and lift her head. My presence radiates more light than the oil lamp in the dimly lit room where she sits quietly during her morning devotional time. I know she has never seen someone like me before. I try my best to make her feel at ease.

I announce to her, “Mary, I bring you the warmest greetings from my God and your God! El Olam wanted me to come to you specifically and share that, Jehovah God has picked you above all others! And, that you are going to become pregnant and deliver a little boy that will grow to save the people from their sins. He will be called the Son of the Most High, Emmanuel.”

She looks at me as if she doesn’t understand. She says that she has never slept with a man…but that she is engaged to a good guy named Joseph. I said that God will take care of everything and I will also appear and explain the details with your betrothed.

And so, the Holy Spirit came upon her and Mary supernaturally conceived. I said, her Son would be set apart and be Holy unto YAHWEH–that He would reign as King over the House of David

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